TEAM, with capital letters, indeed

Team, with all the letters. And with the 'W' for woman, betting on parity, equity, and female leadership.

Because WK is a team and without a team, WK would not exist

María Martín-Oar Ripoll


Carmen Martín-Gamero


Arantxa Navarro

Account Director

Beatriz Bustamante

Human Resources Director

Alberto Artero


Miguel Ángel Moreno

Head of Business Development

Raquel Carretero

Communication & Digital Strategy Manager

Julia Mondéjar

Communication & PR Strategist

Carmen Tejón

Comunication & PR Manager

Belén Ruiz

Administration & Suppliers Manager

Nuria Tabanera

Creative Manager

Nuria González

Senior Marketing Account Executive

Noemí Martín

Marketing Account Executive

Daniela Garabito

Graphic Designer

Cristina Sánchez

PR Account Executive

Carlos Delgado

PR Account

Marta Feijoo

Graphic Designer

Ana Ortego

Digital Account Executive

Giulia Paniccia

Operation Executive

We are a workshop, an agency, a boutique, yes, but above all, we are professionals at your service, reliable, creative, multidisciplinary, flexible. Experts but not blind.

Open to your imagination.

We are what we are because our TEAM is what it is.

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