Sumauto / Car Rental

Branding for a new brand in the automotive sector.


Vocento Group

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creativity and design


Creating the branding for a new B2B brand in the automotive sector, including a new car rental platform.

The first step was clear: create a name for a new parent brand around which the business would be developed, knowing in advance that other brands of the group would join the project later on.

A name, a concept, a graphic line…

But how? We had to add value to the created brand, establish its pillars as an entity,

and tell how both brands are currently operating in an active and growing market, gaining more and more recognition within their target audience.

We created a solid and distinctive identity for a growing market.

And Sumauto was born.

Now, we had to integrate the new platform dedicated to car leasing: this new concept of car rental that is becoming more and more prevalent in the European market.

So, we worked on the logo and the graphic line of what is now the brand Renting coches. the story of the company in a visual way.

Vocento is a multimedia communication group of general information of Spain formed by more than 100 companies.

An identifiable, adaptable, and long-lasting project ensures its survival.

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