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Generate notoriety through high quality communication.

The base of this project: Amazing!

  • A 450m2 natural ice rink
  • More than 40 stalls for artisan crafts
  • Large catering area
  • CSR commitment
  • Experiential and circus acts
  • Magic and theater shows

And all this, in the recently inaugurated Plaza de España in Madrid.

An unprecedented return with high quality impacts.

news items
economic value
news value

A well-planned communication, the success of any project

We established an ad hoc planning beyond the actions of the Press Office itself, beyond the production of press releases. Beyond the ordinary, definitely.

We are talking about one-on-one formats.

We are talking about several meetings.

We are talking about on-site interviews.

Of minute-by-minute social media coverage.

Of recording sets in Plaza de España…

And so on and so forth throughout the entire activation.

The result beyond the press clipping, which was also amazing: a real success story for the organization, with thousands of people who enjoyed an immersive experience of total leisure and culture in the winter of 2021, which now returns every year with more strength.

Super 8, an entity specialized in cultural diffusion in Spain, the Digital Out of Home and customer services.

Because an excellent project requires excellent communication

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