Strategic consulting, communication, and PR services.



involved areas

communication and PR


Gain positioning and notoriety within the sector and increase visibility and conversion of potential customers.

We started at the beginning: with an in-depth analysis of the context, competition, target, and the brand/product itself.

We elaborated an argumentary, with the DNA of the firm, messages, and keywords for our storyline.

Fundamental: to maintain the coherence of the content, while also paying attention to purely mortgage, banking, and financial concepts, without losing sight of a colloquial language.

news items
economic value
news value

A plan marked by qualitative content management.

We presented ourselves to prescribers with an initial direct marketing campaign.

We gathered all the important events: meetings, events, and awards in the sector, as well as other related events, such as technological or real estate events, etc.

And the first impacts, with the exclusive presence of the CEO, did not take long to arrive.

We added podcast collaborations.

We added collaboration with associations of interest.

We added ad hoc advertising forecasts, according to a very limited budget.

We added cobranding options.
We added link building strategy.

Etc. etc. etc.

Hipoo, a mortgage marketplace that allows users to access a mortgage with the best conditions.

Add talent, creativity, effort and actuality, and the formula does not fail.

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