Havaianas creative boxes

Packaging with storytelling



involved areas


creativity and design


Promote the communication of a product in order to reinforce the brand’s notoriety with a direct marketing action.

Every year, Havaianas carries out a campaign aimed at press and influencers with the purpose of communicating the most innovative products of its collection.

the central focus

The creation of creative and attractive material that, apart from being the protagonist of the DM, 

can be used as a premium product in ecommerce and/or points of sale.

From taller WK we have always studied different formats, materials, and approaches, but the important thing has always been to communicate a different story each year, and to do it in a creative way, without forgetting the values and personality of the Brazilian brand.

We reached all of Europe!

The media picked up on it – they loved it!
It drove massive sales of the product.
The client’s commercial expectations were exceeded.

Packaging that looks like a game

On this occasion, we studied the message, the content, the essence, the feeling… This was supported by the graphic proposal and the selection of shapes, focusing on coherence.
We tested formats, sizes, and materials, and opted for visual stimulation.

And …… Ta-da!

The idea became reality, with an exceptional and unique result.

Havaianas, Brazilian company, producer of the iconic rubber flip flops. It is known for its rainbow of products and its cheerful and colorful personality.

Behind the small details lie the BIG surprises.

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