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Organize an event for ophthalmologists in Spain who already use the products from the laboratory, reaching all regions of the country.

An "everything in one" event:

A round table.
A specialist as host and moderator.
Real-time broadcasting.
An “online space” to guarantee participation.
A voting to collect opinions, data, and graphs.
Showing case studies with patients.
An analysis of the treatments applied.
A recording stage.
A giant LED screen to show each surgical process.
Simultaneous broadcasting to 16 participating venues.
A closing dinner at each of the sites.

The participation of specialists from all commercial areas was achieved, and all of them reported the great success of the event to the client.

How to turn something everyone does into something different!

6 different cities connected
Support, participation, and outreach to medical professionals
Sustainability and savings: reduced transport and accommodation costs
Data collection and useful audiovisual material for the brand
Innovative format in the medical conference experience

Allergan Ophthalmology is a pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in the treatment of glaucoma.

How an online event can be a success in terms of participation and results.

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